What Can You Do with That Degree? College Major and Occupational Status of College Graduates over Time.

While income inequality among college graduates is well documented, inequality in occupational status remains largely unexplored. We examine whether and how oc- cupational specificity of college majors is related to college graduates’ transition into the labor market and their subsequent occupational trajectories. Analyses of NLSY79 indicate that occupationally specific degrees are beneficial at the point …

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Gender and Value Orientations: What’s the Difference!? The Case of the U.S. and Japan.

This paper analyzes gendered social identity in Japan and the United States, countries with comparable postindustrial economic systems but distinct cultural traditions. Using national surveys (1995), we find gender differences in value orientations to be neither systematic nor consistent. They often dis- appeared after controlling for demographic and human-capital variables, though not so often for …

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New Evidence on College Remediation

(2006). Journal of Higher Education. 77(5), 886-924. With Paul Attewell, David Lavin, and Thurston Domina   http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00221546.2006.11778948

The Black Middle Class: Progress, Prospects, and Puzzles

This article documents the size and growth of the black middle class at the beginning of the 21st century, analyzing data from the US Census and the Current Population Survey on income, occupations, and education. We examine barriers to further growth of the black middle class, assessing theories of marriageability and imbalances in the numbers …

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