#MeToo and Social Media

In this timely and important collection, editors Jason D. Spraitz and Kendra N. Bowen bring together the work of contributors in the fields of criminal justice and criminology, sociology, journalism, and communications. These chapters show #MeToo is not only a support network of victims’ voices and testimonies but also a revolutionary interrogation of policies, power imbalances, and ethical failures that resulted in decades-long cover-ups and institutions structured to ensure continued abuse. This book reveals #MeToo as so much more than a hashtag.

Sexual Harassment Online: Shaming and Silencing Women in the Digital Age

Women who use social media are often subjected to blatant sexual harassment, facing everything from name calling to threats of violence. Aside from being disturbing, what does this abuse tell us about gender and sexual norms? And can we use the Internet to resist, even transform, destructive misogynistic norms? Exploring the language of shaming and …

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The Emotional Labor of the Professional Dominatrix

Through research on the emotional labor of the professional dominatrix, this case study highlights the importance of an inductive approach for exploring new topics and uncovering the complexities of lived experiences. This case study also demonstrates the value of using mixed qualitative methods, including conducting in-depth interviews and analyzing the content of written memoirs and …

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Social Research Methods I (ANTH/SOC 220)

Introduction to the logic of inquiry; qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis; introduction to statistical analysis; writing and interpreting research reports; using computers for statistical analysis. Experimental, survey, and ethnographic methods will be emphasized.

Major Ideas and Issues in Education (PHIL/SOC 202)

An introduction to the major historical, philosophical, and sociological ideas in American education, including the history of schooling in the United States. Historical threads from a variety of multicultural perspectives will be presented, and philosophical approaches from selected global thinkers will be discussed. The student will be encouraged to develop his/her own unique philosophy of …

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Sociology of Gender and Sexuality (SOC 338)

The social, cultural, and historical construction of gender and sexuality; gender and sexual orientation as a mechanism of stratification; the effects of sexism and heterosexism; feminist theory, queer theory, and the intersection of gender, race, class, and nation.

A Constellation of Stigmas: Stigma Management and the Professional Dominatrix

In this article, we explore stigma management among dominatrices, a relatively understudied profession within the literature on sex work. Our analysis is based on in-depth interviews with current and former dominatrices and published memoirs and blogs written by women who have worked in the industry. We argue that the professional dominatrix occupies a unique position …

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‘The World Turned Upside Down’: Emotional Labour and the Professional Dominatrix

The professional dominatrix, who has been underrepresented in the literature on sex work, complicates our understanding of the emotional labour of sex work. The professional dominatrix is paid by clients to perform the role of the dominant in scenarios involving bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadomasochism, and ‘fetishism.’ Unlike other sex workers, who must often feign …

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