Social Research Methods I (ANTH/SOC 220)

Introduction to the logic of inquiry; qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis; introduction to statistical analysis; writing and interpreting research reports; using computers for statistical analysis. Experimental, survey, and ethnographic methods will be emphasized.

Major Ideas and Issues in Education (PHIL/SOC 202)

An introduction to the major historical, philosophical, and sociological ideas in American education, including the history of schooling in the United States. Historical threads from a variety of multicultural perspectives will be presented, and philosophical approaches from selected global thinkers will be discussed. The student will be encouraged to develop his/her own unique philosophy of …

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Sociology of Gender and Sexuality (SOC 338)

The social, cultural, and historical construction of gender and sexuality; gender and sexual orientation as a mechanism of stratification; the effects of sexism and heterosexism; feminist theory, queer theory, and the intersection of gender, race, class, and nation.